Mass Metaphoric Effect: The Rachni Wars and Krogan Rebellion

Is it just me, or does the Rachni and Krogan history in Mass Effect metaphorically reflect the war in Afghanistan and Iraq? If you think about it by replacing the Salarians with USA, the Krogan with Iraqis and Afghans, the Rachni with the USSR and the Council Races with other allies in the “War on Terror” there is some relation.

The Krogan are great warriors, because they evolved in a dangerous environment. Before the Salarians “uplifted” the Krogan, they were in a constant state of sectarian violence. During the Rachni wars the Salarians gave Krogan the necessary technology to do the dirty work for them. After the Rachni wars, some Krogan militant groups decided to attempt invading other planets for resources that their population desperately needed (terrorist cells in the middle east had different motivations). During the Krogan Rebellion, the Salarians and the Council races formed the Spectres and decided to make non-surgical strikes on Krogan worlds. Strikes like hacking out power lines and destroying key industries, strikes that would affect the Krogan population as a whole (George Bush ordered a strike of similiar brutality). Most importantly the war against Krogan lead to the Geno-phage (a genetic mutation that renders Krogan infertile), which affects every Krogan (not just the hostile groups). As a result the aggravated Krogan formed even more retaliation groups, that wish to enslave the galaxy (Commander Shepard stops them of course).


Whether this was intended or not, it fits the plot of Mass Effect really well. The plot mainly surrounds the idea of races that simply don’t mix (of course excluding Asari) due to rudimentary cultural differences. Making references to the “War on Terror”, definately fits this scenario. One of the main motivations for soldiers, is the Taliban’s treatment of women, which is a huge rudimentary cultural difference.

I’ll make some follow-up articles if I find anymore metaphor links.

Bibliography: The Mass Effect wiki articles on “Krogan”, “Krogan Rebellion” and “Rachni Wars”.


3 thoughts on “Mass Metaphoric Effect: The Rachni Wars and Krogan Rebellion

  1. Afghans. Great Warriors. Not really when you are regularly ruled Persians. Also the U.S. supported the Mujahideen, not the Taliban. the Taliban didn’t take over other planets (countries), only Afghanistan.

    Pretty good shit though.


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