Game Idea #2: Mutation or Variation Part 1

The idea for the game-play of this came about a couple of months ago, but the idea for the plot binding came from this blog post. Even though this is an article on the state of single-player games, it brings up the idea of the difference between mutation and variation (and that they are merely points of view). This idea is also in response to several arguments regarding homosexuality, the environment, intelligence and whether or not god actually likes us. To do this I’m going to make the player god, both financially, mortally and literally.

Plot Prologue: Like most films nowadays, this game is set in the near future. The protagonist is a scientist called Mark Sampson (name doesn’t matter much), a physicist at heart, but has been dragged into the field of Biology, because he discovered the cure for cancer. When he discovered the cure, he decided to exploit the cure for financial gain. As a result, he is so bloody rich, almost capitalized the world. Later a young biologist uncovers something terrible, that the vaccines don’t just cure cancer, they also reverse homosexuality. The vaccines apparently only work on prepubescent children, but it was probably a cover (to make sure no one notices the change). In Mark’s mind he was merely “fixing” a chemical imbalance in the brain, though he never publicly announced this (on fear of backlash). Instead of publicly confessing, he used his infinite sums of money to cover it up. After a few years hiding behind a lie, Mark is fed up with the human race. He figures the human race is complaining about his effort to help civilization and that we don’t deserve his affection any more. Mark leaves Earth taking his two trusted friends named (oh I don’t know for now let’s just call them) female acquaintance and male acquaintance. He also takes a gravity well machine, an advanced medical centre (to constantly extend his life span) and enough racist Hollywood action films to sink a ship. On a side note, I would highly recommend anyone to watch or read Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People by Jack Shaheen. And so, Mark flies off to the stars he loved so much as a child, to make a world of his own. Female acquaintance happens to be Mark’s girlfriend. Male acquaintance has unknown motives for joining his vessel.

In the next installment I’ll discuss game-play. Trust me, this idea is a lot larger than the last idea I had.


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