Heroic Icons: JC Denton additional

Last time I spoke of JC Denton as metaphoric link to authoritarian rule, I’m going to go through that in more detail.

The nano-augmentations that JC Denton receives throughout the game are easily implemented, but are near to impossible to disable. Without clear cohesive planning you could comprise a potential augmentation slot (which is limiting your freedoms). If you make these decisions hastily and impulsively, you could receive a bit of temporary safety, but it severly damage your success later (and limits your freedoms). Think of the nano-augs as authoritarian laws, that are implemented in an impulse cry for help in response of terror. Terrorism is also a major overtone and theme in Deus Ex. Think of the killswitch as the bail-out of authoritarian laws, when politicians stop seeing benefit they will abandon the idea.

So, what is the alternative? Temporary solutions that work and long term investments that don’t jeopardize future prospects. Such as generic weaponry and upgrades to weaponry, which are easily renewable or long term investments like upgrading your skill levels. Although skill levels are permanent, they don’t have impact on other skill levels, they only effect your access to resources. Think of the temporary weaponry as police services (metaphorically of course) and think of skill levels as infrastructure builds to increase safety (like safe rooms, escape routes).

Aren’t these links just circumstantial? For most games with this kind of link, it is probably just circumstantial. Especially because, the relation between game-play nouns is standard for most most Role Playing Games, but knowing Warren Spector’s style it is probably intentional. If so I commend Warren for directing Deus Ex.


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