Osmos: The Collection and Dispersal of Power

One the ten games present in the second Humble Indie Bundle is Osmos and despite the amount of obvious effort put into the game-play structure, there is no plot or premise behind this title. At least there is no premise above the surface, that is. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a slow and patient game.

The basic idea of Osmos is to consume smaller biomass, in order to become larger.

The basic idea of Osmos.

Osmos’ game-play on its own, generates overtones. The basic idea of Osmos is comparable to anything and all it is is an objective with the laws of physics applied. In order for the player to move their biomass, the player has to jettison some biomass in the opposite direction. The player’s interaction in the game is limited to firing mass in any direction and most levels you are the only biomass that has independent movement. Firing parts of your own biomass into others will cause them to move. Colliding with a larger biomass will cause you to be consumed. The larger you become the more mass that’s needed to be expelled in order to move. No other forces are there to slow you down, except for firing in the direction you are moving.

Basic laws of motion combined with a predatory objective. This game can be seen as many different things to many different people. Personally I saw it as a visualization of the economy and business, others might see it as something else. The strategies the player adopts in playing this game are rather useful and adaptable, but I’d rather not discuss them. The strategies can be rather subjective and are a lot clearer if you flesh them out yourself. There is a free demo and the full version only costs US$10.


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