Zaeed Massani: Revenge is Evil

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” -Mahatma Ghandi

This contains spoilers regarding the bonus character in ME2. In Mass Effect 2 there is a bonus DLC character called “Zaeed Massani”, a veteran mercenary with a grudge against a former business partner. His loyalty mission involves assaulting a refinery on the planet Zorya in order to kill Vido Snatiago (the person Zaeed has a grudge on). Although the actual objective of the mission is to liberate a refinery that is controlled by the Blue Suns mercenary group.

Zaeed Massani have a outburst of rage.

Zaeed is discussing why he has a grudge against Vido.

Zaeed has a grudge against Vido, because he helped Vido start the Blue Suns mercenary group. Vido betrayed Zaeed and even turned his own men against him. After touching down onto the planet and going through most of the guards, the player reaches the front gate. At which point the player and Zaeed are confronted by Vido and some mercenaries. At which point Vido starts to mock and taunt Zaeed. Zaeed responds by shooting at some pipes behind Vido(that happen to be filled with flammable gas). Vido survives the blast, threatens Zaeed and makes his escape. Zaeed then increases the amount of fuel in the pipe in order to blast the gate open.

Vido Santiago staring down at Zaaed Massani.

This is Vido.

Unfortunately Zaeed’s actions have had serious repercussions, the blast in which he started causes the refinery to go into a critical state. The refinery is filled with fires and many of the slave workers in the refinery are trapped inside. Zaeed’s response is “Vido dies whatever the cost!”

Why is this important? This story has an identical plot premise and storyboard to the background history between Captain Anderson and Saren. Saren and the Captain went on a mission to a refinery and in the end Saren blew up the entire place. If you ask me, putting a vengeance crazed mercenary at the same level as the main antagonist in the first Mass Effect was intentional, to show how dangerous revenge is. Saren was motivated by racism and sadism. Zaeed was motivated by revenge in its thickest concentration (the name of the mission also happens to be called “Zaeed the Prince of Revenge”).

This is an example of the really good writing that always brings me back to Mass Effect, I played the first game 4 times and have played the sequel 6 times.


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