Modern Warfare 2 without the Gameplay

In my honest opinion Modern Warfare is a series with a lot of potential in narrative, philosophical and artistic aspects, but it’s combat is emphasized too heavily. The combat game-play is way too cumbersome (mentally) in order for the player to think about the plot or for the developer’s to deliver the plot properly. The “No Russian” level is an exception though, it isn’t made to be fun, it’s made to deliver the plot in a way that portrays the motives of the Ultra Nationalists. Unfortunately it is really poorly executed, this video does it better. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 without the Gameplay

  1. I agree, a lot can be said about the current geo-political strains facing Russia at the moment. I was just in Moscow last year, and it was fascinating to see how little of the infrastructure has changed since the fall of communism in 1991. If IW had chosen a more concise, reserved approach, the game could have had a real message as well as being a blockbuster action game. This was something I thought the first Modern Warfare did relatively well, staying interesting throughout the story and being suitably epic for a game without loosing its grip on reality. Great video, I’m glad you posted this.


      • I agree. They spend the whole of MW1 and 2 using the generic backdrop of ‘ultranationalists are evil’. however, they never expand on this; the dwindling supply of oil resources in Russia is making the entire GDP of decrease. This, in turn, is leading to the ‘middle class’, which has sprung up quickly since the fall of communism, to have to take severe pay cuts and living quality decreases. Thus, as every man in Russia (unless you can afford to buy yourself out of it) is required to do two years of military service, a large portion of the trained, armed middle class are very vehement to return to what they see as the ‘glory days’ of communism. This means there is a very large, very powerful and very pro-active ultranationalist party in Russia. Imagine if a COD game actually investigated, or at the very least touched on, these societal pressures and motivations. It would add a whole extra level of meaning, perhaps even making the player emote with the very enemies he is shooting at. This would, in my opinion at least, lead to a much better game with moral conflicts that the player has to face, as well as the standard action. How about a scene where you have to decide to kill, or not to kill, a disarmed ultranationalist with his face mask off? Or even have it as a scripted sequence, where Cpt. Price shows either his hard-harted or humanitarian side. Either way, it would lead to a more interesting character and perhaps even a more interesting game (plot-wise, at least).


      • I don’t think that that level of story depth is truly necessary. It would be rather interesting to have that amount of background story and motive and I think that some of the players would appreciate that, but for what the series is trying to achieve, I think that would be a bit too much. The least they could have done was to expose the player to some Ultranationalist propaganda or rhetoric (like they did in the first modern warfare). One issue people had with MW2’s plot is that it didn’t seem believable. Eventhough the events of MW1 are actually in larger scale proportions (nuking USA all over). Many of the actual necessary plot points were neglected, like when the Ultranationalists formed majority government. That plot event was only mentioned once, at the very end of MW1.

        As far as moral decisions go, I don’t expect Call of Duty to apply this level of narrative meaning, it is Call of Duty after all (aimed at the mainstream audience that only see games as a stress relief outlet).


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