I’ve been playing games since the age of six (10 years), I would usually play Spyro all-day long. At the age of eleven I thought it would be a good idea to pursue Architecture as a career, after a while I realized that it was just a suggestion with little merit. In turn it was obvious that it was not what I truly wanted, now I’m 16 years of age and pursuing a career (well-paying or not) in Game Development, because like 20 or so other students in my Secondary School I want to be a part of the new medium. New mediums only come around every century, so this is a great opportunity. New artistic and narrative realms are to be explored, so LET’S GET TO IT!

I’m am now 21 years of age and a lot has changed. I wanted to pursue game development in the discipline of programming, but my attempt to study Computer Science failed pretty hard. I got kicked out of my Computer Science course for failing so badly and I’m now studying Psychology. I chose to do psychology instead, because I wanted to study something that would improve my view of the world and I wanted a career where I would be constantly learning new things. I have another blog for psychology related musings.

I’ve also recently gotten hooked on playing fighting games. I started playing Street Fighter 4, but then moved on to Street Fighter 5 and have played a bit of Guilty Gear Xrd. I’m also learning to play Virtua Fighter 5, because I feel as though playing a game focusing entirely on reading your opponent would do wonders for my general fighting game play. What I find most enjoyable about fighting games is that getting good at them requires a lot of effort and when that effort is rewarded, it produces a very satisfying feeling that greatly exceeds what I’ve previously felt from playing other videogames.